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Keto For Normies

Dec 28, 2020

In our one hundred and seventy fifth episode we talk about our New Years challenge, 30 under 20, that will help you get the year started off right. It's important to have a plan of attack that isn't too restrictive or intimidating so be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can get the challenge packet before we...

Dec 15, 2020

In our one hundred and seventy fourth episode we talk to Dr. Westman and Amy Berger about their new book, End Your Carb Confusion. What causes someone to fail on the keto diet? How many carbs should you be eating? Find out the answers and more!

Dec 7, 2020

In our one hundred and seventy third episode we dig a little deeper on the keto diet and talk about some major ways to improve your health beyond just keeping your carbs low. 

If you're still debating what desserts to make for the upcoming holidays, we've got you covered with our Christmas Cookie Round...

Nov 23, 2020

In our one hundred and seventy second episode we talk about intuitive eating and what it truly means. Is it simply being in tune with physical hunger? Is it possible to eat Intuitively on a diet made of processed foods? Also, what questions determine whether you have issues surrounding food?

Check out our holiday food...

Nov 9, 2020

In our one hundred and seventy first episode we talk about why the weekends get us off track and tips to improve on that.