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Keto For Normies

Sep 24, 2017

In our ninth episode we talk keto macros! We break down the reasons why tracking might be needed and times when it's not. Your goals, mindset and approach to this way of life are all taken into consideration when figuring of what macros work best for you and if you should track! 

If you think meal prepping is for you,...

Sep 17, 2017

In our eight episode we talk to professional bodybuilder, and training coach, Jerry Ward! We talk about what it takes to transform your body, his long history with the keto diet and the discipline it takes to successfully reach your body goals! Check out BioS3Training and his YouTube Channel for some great tips and...

Sep 10, 2017

In our seventh episode we talk to Mike Roberto from! Check out their YouTube Channel for some more supplement testing.

19:50 - Beta Alanine (Mike does live glucose and ketone blood tests)

24:30  -BCAAs (leucine, iso-leucine, valine)

29:25 - Maltodextrin and Supplement Labeling

36:25 - Citrulline Malate...

Sep 3, 2017

In our sixth epidsode we talk to best selling author and nutritionist, Leanne Vogel. We dig deep into carbs ups, trouble shooting your personal keto diet and Leanne's fascinating approach to a keto lifestyle. 

Check out her podcast, The Keto Diet Podcast, and her book, The Keto Diet, now available online and in...